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12 Questions About Board Game Order Fulfillment & Shipping, Answered

Recently, Fulfillrite worked with Brandon Rollins on a giveaway contest for a board game called the Quacks of Quedlinburg. One of the ways you could enter was by answering the question “what confuses you the most about board game fulfillment?” We received 165 responses that, once we compiled them, were incredibly useful. Part of running a great fulfillment company comes down to listening to end-user feedback.

About a week after the contest, Brandon created a report for us that summarized all the data. We wanted to answer these questions directly, making it easier to understand how fulfillment works for your customers.

We’ve selected 12 of the most common questions and answered them in this article. Questions include:

  • “How are games shipped to my home?”
  • “How does Amazon ship so quickly and cheaply?”
  • “What causes delays in fulfillment?”
  • And much more!

You can read that article here.

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