15 announcing an all in one rewards management and shipping solution with backerkit

Announcing an all in one rewards management and shipping solution with BackerKit

With the launch of our new blog today we’re excited to announce our partnership with BackerKit.

This partnership allows project creators on the three most popular crowdfunding sites, KickstarterIndiegogo, and CrowdtiltOpen to sync with our order fulfillment software with one click of a button from the BackerKit dashboard.

Our focus since we started working with the crowdfunding community has always been on how we can simplify the rewards management and shipping process. Our partnership with BackerKit completes this goal by putting a powerful suite of project management tools in the hands of all crowdfunding campaign creators.

Over the past three years, Fulfillrite has worked with hundreds of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, helping them deliver backer rewards in a timely fashion. Some of the projects Fulfillrite has worked on include Robot TurtlesNice Laundry, The Nifty MiniDrive and early Kickstarter projects such as Panda Sunglasses.

Fulfillrite’s team has tirelessly dedicated thousands of hours into helping crowdfunding projects turn their success into long term, profitable businesses. Whether it’s help with rewards shipping, guidance on navigating the multitude of shipping options available, logistical questions, advice on shopping cart solutions, import /export, or any other challenges businesses may face, the Fulfillrite team is always there to guide project creators step by step through the process.

Crowdfunding projects will recall the enormous challenge they were faced with once their project was complete in dealing with backer rewards management. This includes backer address compilation, survey management, customer inquiries, order fulfilment, and shipping.

BackerKit makes all of these challenges a thing of the past. BackerKit’s software solution will automate the whole survey and address collection process. It also lets backers make changes as needed and keeps them up to date on the status of their reward shipments. When the orders are ready to be shipped the information can be sent to Fulfillrite with the simple click of a button. BackerKit also provides other useful features such as payment processing and the ability to offer additional rewards, as well as take pre-orders.

For more information on how the BackerKit solution works visit. LINK

Feel free to reach out to the team @BackerKit with any additional questions:

Twitter@BackerKit     | Website:   BackerKit.com  | E-Mail:   greetings@backerkit.com

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