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Kickstarter Fulfillment and Shipping Costs Explained

Estimating costs is one of the most confusing parts of running a Kickstarter campaign. Among the most difficult costs to estimate are fulfillment costs. Just think of the jargon alone: pick-and-pack, postage, and freight… It’s no wonder that fulfillment can seem awfully complicated!

Sal Briggman of CrowdCrux was gracious enough to work with us so we can provide an answer to these difficult questions. His fantastic podcast is an excellent resource for first-time and veteran Kickstarter campaigners. He doesn’t want to simply help you launch great campaigns, he wants you to fulfill them on-time and in budget, and has provided detailed advice on how to do so.

You can find the whole podcast here. If you like what Sal has to say, you can listen to more of his work here. Finally, if you want more weekly crowdfunding tips, you can subscribe to his podcast.

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