Sustainability in Action: The Complete Guide to Repackaging and Refurbishing Returned Goods

Sustainability isn’t just a trendy term any more. It’s a huge part of normal day-to-day business, and it has been for a while. Consumers are increasingly scrutinizing corporate practices, and regulations around sustainability are tightening.

There are many aspects of eCommerce that don’t gel with sustainability. Packaging waste and the burning of fossil fuels by delivery trucks come to mind. But one issue that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough is returns.

No company wants to have a lot of returns. After all, returns are very expensive and have a big impact on the bottom line. But returns also have another hidden cost – they’re damaging to the environment.

Fortunately, though, there’s an easy way to turn this challenge into an opportunity. Through effective repackaging and refurbishing strategies, companies can reduce waste, save money, and enhance their brand value in the eyes of increasingly conscientious consumers. That’s what we’ll talk about in this post.

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