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How to Use Freight Marketplaces to Efficiently Ship Your Board Game Kickstarter

“Wait, you’re telling me that some creators actually want to book their own freight?”

It’s not often that you catch a respected Kickstarter expert and successful business owner like Jamey Stegmaier off guard! Without meaning to, we did that over email when we told him about the rise of freight marketplaces like Freightos.

Long story short, Kickstarter creators can book their own freight now. They don’t have to go through a broker unless they want to. There are pros and cons to both the new method (booking your own freight) and the old one (having someone do it for you).

On the Stonemaier Games blog, you can read our post about the reasons you might want to book your own freight through a marketplace.

We hope you find this article insightful!

Freight marketplaces let you book freight without a broker. In some situations, this can be easier and cheaper. One of the most popular freight marketplaces right now is Freightos.

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