Three Strategies for Ecommerce Success using YouTube Videos

Be the Expert

Many viewers turn to YouTube for advice. If you’re selling a service this is a natural way to gain visibility and build trust. If you have chosen your key words properly, viewers searching for advice will find your video. Your task is not to sell directly but to provide actionable solutions to their problems. They are looking to you for guidance and useful information. Deliver it and you are well on your way to building a client base. You are getting by the “who-are-you barrier?

As they spend time viewing your videos they reach a higher comfort level. You demonstrate your expertise with your advice, insights, tips, and short-cuts. You are moved up from just being someone trying to sell his service to being an authority of stature. You’re achieving the most important element in moving the viewer from being merely a looker to an actual buyer: trust. Trust is the foundation for any meaningful, lasting relationship: commercial or personal.

Building trust is how you build a foundation for higher conversion ratings.

Now that you have their trust guide them to your web site by offering a free eBook, Whitepaper, or Email course. Or, offer a discount they won’t want to miss. To receive your offer, they need to go to your web site and fill out the form with their email address. Once you’ve captured them through your MailChimp, AWeber or whichever service you use, you have qualified leads you can follow-up with your email marketing program. Providing them with more valuable information and special offers is an excellent way to maintain your relationship.

Solve their Problem

If you are selling a product, try find a problem they are confronted with which your product is relevant. The problem may be practical, but it also may be emotional. Find the emotional underpinning. As example: a series of videos on cooking is a how-to-product. But it also deals with emotions, such as the gratification of creating awesome dinners, the deep pride in hearing repeated compliments, the satisfaction of being a good mother and wife.
We humans are complex and multi-dimensional. Everything we do touches in some manner on an emotion. Fashion obviously is more than apparel, it is ego gratification, with the reward of being admired. Bear in mind, every product bought is bought because there is a need, a problem, or an emotional desire – often both – and your product is the solution.

By promoting the emotional benefit as well as the actual physical attributes, you are igniting the core emotional motivational triggers that boost conversions.

Let Others Sell Your Product

Get past the visitor’s “yes, I like what you say, but I’m just not sure” barrier by using testimonials. Testimonials are a turbo-charged force that propels the viewer into becoming a customer. We humans are naturally cynical. We’ve all been burnt at one time or another. We’ve all heard of terrible experiences. As much as the viewer find your product compelling, as much as the viewer is practically salivating to get his hands on your product, the viewer has that little voice in the back of his mind that keeps reminding him ‘caveat emptor’ buyer beware.

That little voice is the enemy of sales conversions. It’s a significant reason for shopping cart abandonment.

The true masterminds of direct response who have mastered the art of the Infomercial build it around testimonials. Turn on any late-night infomercial, and there’s always an audience with people who get up and try the product. And, there are those who have already tried the product and praising it to the sky. The reactions of these third-party consumers verify the truth of the presenter’s promise, and the joy of the benefits.
Ecommerce is never easy. But you can make conversions easier when you find ways to build your YouTube videos around third-party endorsers. The same third-party endorsers you can now use on your web site and in your social media marketing.

You will win favor in the eyes of Google by placing these videos on your web site. Google loves YouTube videos – obviously since they own YouTube. But Google also gives greater value to web sites that have videos. Videos with testimonials are a win-win situation for you.

YouTube is your TV platform.. You get to script and video your show. You get to advertise and promote yourself, your service, your business. And, except for video equipment; it costs you nothing.
And YouTube is viewed tens of millions every day.

Can you think of an intelligent reason not to be on YouTube?

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