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Kickstarter Fulfillment Tips for Board Games

Board games are really, really hot right now on Kickstarter. In fact, over $200 million were pledged to games in 2018 and the rise of tabletop games has played a big role.

Sal Briggman, our friend at CrowdCrux, wanted to talk about this in more detail, especially as it relates to fulfillment. For that reason, we sent Brandon Rollins, creator of Brandon the Game Dev and our marketing manager, to answer questions.

As you can imagine, a lot of first-time board game developers are getting into the industry. Kickstarter gives them hopes of fame, glory, and money. Yet a real understanding of the logistics behind filling orders for a Kickstarter campaign eludes many.

Supply chain management and order fulfillment are not the same. Many people mix them up, though. In this podcast, we discuss this any many more common misconceptions about order fulfillment in the board game industry. You can listen to the entire podcast here on the CrowdCrux website.


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