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How To Choose An Order Fulfillment Partner In A Post-Coronavirus World

Running a business takes a lot of effort, even in the best of times. Products have to be manufactured, services provided, customers pleased, employees kept happy, and advertisements run. It’s enough to make your head spin…

Then the coronavirus pandemic happened. This massive, life-changing event, still unfolding, has left businesses reeling, making them set up online. Many service-sector brick-and-mortar businesses are dabbling in eCommerce for the first time. Coffee shops are selling special coffee blends online. Hairstylists are coaching clients via FaceTime.

Many businesses are also finding out just how much effort goes into storing, packing, and shipping items. Shipping can be complex, but more than anything, it’s time-consuming, annoying, and expensive. With everything else, businesses have to contend with right now to keep afloat, shipping processes often become Thing #246 to worry about. Always occupying the back of someone’s mind when they’re trying to sleep.

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