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Fulfillrite announces its new partnership with Skubana

We’re very excited about partnering with Skubana, the platform used by more high sellers than any other. It’s one more way we’re keeping our commitment to help you build your business in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

The Skubana platform solves the problem of your business disconnect. You no longer have to worry about your shipping software not communicating inventory properly with your marketplaces or sales channels. Or your purchasing software not communicating with your inventory software.

Fact is most business software run on a fragmented mode. Like most businesses, you most likely had software built to solve the issues of a particular department. That process was repeated with another department. And another. Lack of integration means decisions are made and actions taken without ever seeing the big picture. You’re always find yourself playing catch-up, and putting out fires.

That’s where Skubana steps in to bring exhilarating relief. Skubana unifies all the tools you need to run your business . Skubana is the brain of your operations from all which orders go out, actions taken. Skubana even thinks ahead for you on issues of profitability, forecasting, and demand planning. Skubana saves precious time and manpower by automating many issues dealing with shipping, purchasing, sales and customer satisfaction. And, Skubana automates repetitive actions with powerful rules engines that optimize shipping, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

No wonder Skubana is trusted by more high sellers than any other platform, and now, with Fulfillrite’s new Skubana app, your operation will be fully integrated with the leading fulfillment service.

Integrating your Skubana account with our platform is easy. You’ll find the Fulfillrite app in the Skubana app store. To install, you will be asked to grant Fulfillrite full access. Once installed, the integration will automatically pull your orders into our very system for processing. When the shipment goes out, the system provide you with the order tracking information, including order status, carrier and tracking number.

Have multiple warehouses? Not a problem. You can route specific orders from selected warehouses with your Skubana account.

Together, Fullfilrite and Skubana brings you a new magnitude of operational efficiency and cost reducing benefits.

You can  find the Fulfillrite app here in the Skubana app store, install it, and let the extraordinary benefits begin.

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