A Secret Trick to DOUBLE Your Funding on Kickstarter 3

A Secret Trick to DOUBLE Your Funding on Kickstarter

The idea of doubling your Kickstarter funding sounds completely ridiculous. In fact, I’d never normally never run such a bold headline on the Fulfillrite blog. Then I met David Silva, creator of Creative Beast, LLC, long-time Fulfillrite client, and – oh yeah – a guy who doubled his already massive Kickstarter funding.

David makes model dinosaurs, and in 2016, he raised $351,753 from more than 2,500 backers to do so. Then after the campaign, he raised another $361,534. That’s over $700,000!

He was gracious enough to share his secrets with us on the CrowdCrux podcast with our regular collaborator, Sal Briggman.

This is a can’t-miss episode. Listen to it here!

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