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Here Are 61 Products To Sell In Your Ecommerce Store

The holidays are closer than you think! Between the unprecedented growth of eCommerce and the push to move holidays earlier in the year, 2020 promises to bring an exciting, if daunting, holiday season. There is a ton of opportunity for enterprising business owners looking for products to sell.

We’ve sorted through hundreds of items on Shopify, Cloudways, Oberlo, and MagePlaza to compile this list. No matter what kind of online store you have, you’re likely to be inspired by at least one of these 61 product ideas.

For your convenience, we’ve sorted everything by category:


Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is going to be a problem through the holiday season. That means that people will still need personal protective equipment (PPE) through the end of the year and likely well into 2021.

1. Masks

As grim as this may be, small businesses have been filling the gap not only with needed products, but attractive ones as well. Just look at all the fashionable masks you can find with a quick Etsy search! You could make your own by using services such as Printful.

Masks currently available on Etsy.

2. Face shields

For customers who want to take their health and safety even further, face shields may be a good option. According to Cloudways, bandana-like face shields have been trending since the pandemic began and provide a great way for people to look cool while staying safe!

Beauty Products

Even with more people staying at home than usual, beauty products are still hotly demanded. A few trends stand out above the others.

3. Peel-off face masks

To quote Shopify, “‘peel off face mask’ receives 30,000 searches per month, with the phrase ‘face peel’ receiving another 27,100 searches per month, variant ‘charcoal face mask’ receiving 41,000 searches per month, and ‘facial mask’ 81,000 per month.

4. Nail polish

According to Shopify, nail polish has become increasingly popular since this March. We suspect that it has something to do with people being unable or uncomfortable with going to nail salons for nail care. Nail polish is an acceptable, low-cost alternative to having your nails done.

5. Hair wigs

According to both Oberlo and MagePlaza, hair wigs are growing in popularity. This trend is expected to continue for the next several years. There are even niches within the hair wig market that you can enter into. Wigs can be synthetic or natural, understated or colorful.


As the weather turns colder and gift-giving season draws nearer, people will look for any excuse to freshen up their wardrobe with something new to keep them warm! Oberlo and Cloudways both have a list of great apparel items which are likely to be in demand this holiday season.

6. Luxury watches: Not only are they easy to ship, but luxury goods have high profit margins.

7. Minimalist watches: Minimalism has been a design trend for a while, and it’s now making its way into the watch world according to the dropshipping experts at Oberlo.

8. Sport watches: People are always looking for ways to get fit. Unfortunately, the closure of gyms due to the coronavirus pandemic has limited the number of ways to do that. A lot of people have taken their health into their own hands, using fitness trackers and sport watches in the process.

9. Winter clothing: We’re sure this won’t surprise you, but it’s something to bear in mind as the weather gets colder.

10. Winter coats: Cloudways specifically mentions winter coats separately from winter clothing. Makes sense, too, since these are often the most expensive pieces of clothing that people buy for the winter!

11. Magnetic bracelets: One recent trend in alternative medicine has led to an uptick in interest in magnetic bracelets. While we cannot vouch for the circulatory system benefits of these bracelets, we can at least say they’re popular.

12. Lockets: These necklaces open up and reveal photos stored inside. They’re making a comeback in 2020 according to Oberlo.

13. Pendant necklaces: According to Oberlo, these necklaces have been very popular with women lately, saying, “help your customers shout ‘I love you’ from the rooftops by promoting this to couples celebrating anniversaries, newly engaged couples, or couples who’ve recently gotten married.”

14. Charm bracelets: It’s said that nostalgia moves in 20 year cycles, so it makes sense that this trend from the early 2000s is making a comeback.

15. Pocket scarves: According to Cloudways, “these small scarves with zipped pockets add to your style statement. They are trendy products that women love to wear during the Winter season. Women can use zipped pockets to keep their belongings – such as a mobile phone, liquid cash, and sunglasses – safe.”

16. Touchscreen gloves: In the winter, you want to keep your hands warm while still using your phone. These are a really popular item and have been a clear winner for the last decade!

17: Oversized sweater: Oversized sweaters have become a popular item in women’s fashion lately. This is partly because of the way they look and partly because you can add several extra layers of clothing underneath them.

18: Bamboo socks: These special socks have become very popular with men lately. They’re soft and antibacterial, meaning they won’t smell when soaked with sweat.

Technology & Accessories

If you’re looking for something to sell via eCommerce, technology and its accessories are always attractive options. They’re high-value, small, lightweight items with high profit margins. Even better, something is always trending in the tech world. This year is no exception.

19. Laptop skins: Despite Shopify recommending this product and showing data to prove demand is there, the sudden spike in interest is inexplicable. Regardless, this is an easy product to manufacture and now is the right time to start making and selling them!

20. Wireless phone chargers: Fooling around with cords to charge your phone is kind of a pain. That’s why wireless phone chargers have become very popular lately. This is a good trend to jump in on!

Wireless phone chargers

21. Phone lenses: These are small clip-on accessories that can improve the quality of the photos your phone takes. According to Cloudways, these are quite the hot item!

22. Home security camera: With people at home more than ever, home security has been experiencing a boom. Cloudways says that one of the best small items to ship to take advantage of this sudden interest in security is a simple security camera.

23. Wi-Fi repeater: If you live in either a big house or an old house, odds are you have a dead spot or two in your Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi repeaters allow you to extend your network to cover more of your home. With people being stuck at home, these have become hot items.

24. Car phone holder: These have been popular for a long time and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Not everybody has a car with an infotainment system, and these low-cost items help bring older cars into the modern age.

25. Smartwatches: According to both Oberlo and MagePlaza, smartwatches have been experiencing a massive spike in popularity. They’re small, easy-to-ship, and have high profit margins.

26. Smart 3-D Pens: Regular pens can help you doodle on paper. But 3-D pens? They can help you to draw three-dimensional objects in much the same way that 3-D printers can. Admittedly, they’re a novelty item right now, but they’re a really attractive and trendy one.

27. Portable solar panels: To quote Cloudways, “more and more people are now investing money in solar panels, which are environmentally friendly and provide free electricity. As environmental awareness keeps increasing, solar energy is going more and more mainstream, making it the ideal time for you to start selling portable solar panels!”

28. Robot vacuum: As robot vacuums become ever more affordable, more people are buying them! It makes sense – vacuuming is a total pain.

Health & Fitness

The health and fitness industry has been growing steadily for the last two decades. However, because of the events of this year, fitness has shifted from the public realm to the home. That means there is a huge opportunity to sell at home fitness equipment.

29. Water bottles: Reusable water bottles have been growing in popularity for a long time. Shopify says they are a proven winner.

30. Exercise bands: According to Shopify, “since at-home exercise may keep trending for a long time, you can also build a brand around fitness and optimize your product pages to rank in Google and bring in organic traffic. You can bundle together resistance bands with other trending products in your store or run Google Shopping and Facebook ads to target high-intent buyers and drive immediate sales.”

Exercise bands

31: Yoga and pilates mats: In the 2010s, yoga and pilates became increasingly popular ways to work out. Now that people are spending more time in their home, though, there has been a spike in demand for the mats. This is the perfect time for a business to start selling them!

32. Dental scaler: People don’t like going to the dentist, but they still recognize that dental health is very important. In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth, sometimes it’s important to scale away plague that builds up over time. While dentists typically do this, more people are doing so in the privacy of their own homes with dental scalers.

Home Products

Because many people are stuck at home right now, home products are arguably the biggest growth category of the year. Anything you can do to make your home environment feel better makes staying at home easier.

33. Blankets: According to Google Trends, blankets always spike in popularity when the weather gets cold. Take advantage of this!

34. Rugs: According to Shopify, “one recent trending product cropping up this quarter is rugs. Similar to other trending products in the home decor department, we’re probably seeing an increase due to the recent work-from-home trend. Area rugs bring together all the elements of a room and make spaces more cozy and welcoming.”

35. Kitchen and dining room furniture: Many people are still stuck at home and looking for ways to spruce up their space. Furniture sales for kitchen and dining room furniture, according to Shopify, are quickly approaching their peak. While this isn’t an industry you can quickly transition into, it might mean you should change your marketing plan if you already sell furniture.

36. Portable blender: This has been a very hot item this year according to Cloudways, which posits that it may be a result of ongoing health and fitness trends meeting new technology.

37. Water filter: A lot of people who are stuck at home have nasty tasting tap water. For that reason, water filters are likely to be a popular item for months and maybe years to come.

38. Face massage roller: This is difficult to explain, so we’ll just provide this link instead.

39. Air diffuser: Air diffusers have been growing in popularity for a long time now. They help keep home air from getting stale, and have only become more popular in 2020.

40. Water-saving shower head: People are becoming more and more concerned about the environment. Any way you can find a product to save power or water will likely find an audience. In particular, Oberlo says that water-saving showerheads have been popular items.

41. Wall lights and sconces: People have been stuck at home for a while, and have been making their places look nicer. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply add more lighting to the walls.

Wall sconces

42. Couch slipcover: If you’ve ever inherited an ugly couch, you know why these are useful! Slipcovers can give ugly but comfortable furniture a new lease on life.

43. Vegetable slicer: Lots of people are cooking at home more than they ever have before. As a result, vegetable slicers have become very popular items in the last several months.

Toys & Games

44. Board games: According to Shopify, “board games are another one of the most popular products to sell in 2020. They’re an easy way to get the family together to laugh, relieve stress, and lower screen time.”

45. Jigsaw puzzles: If you thought board games were big, you might be surprised to hear that jigsaw puzzles represent a much, much larger market. The jigsaw puzzle market is expected to grow 15% per year until at least 2025. It’s the perfect time to get into the industry early so you can take advantage of the boom!

Pet Care

Pet care is a huge business. In fact, 67% of US households have a pet and the pet industry as a whole is estimated to be worth almost $100 billion. As you can imagine, this is reflected in the types of items which people will be buying this holiday season.

Pet bed

46. Pet bed: These were extraordinarily popular in 2019 and will continue to be in 2020. Pets love sleeping on soft, fluffy beds.

47. Pet grooming products: According to Oberlo, pet grooming products like nail trimmers are extremely popular. People are looking for ways to take care of their pets while also keeping them from running the furniture.

48. Terrarium: This is a slight stretch to include under pet products, but we’ll do it anyway. Terrariums are sealed glass containers where you can grow plants (and sometimes keep pets). These have become popular as more people stay at home.

49. Pet food: This recommendation comes from MagePlaza and it makes a lot of sense. Pet food is always in demand, especially since some people have adopted pets to help with quarantine loneliness this year.

50. Pet carrier: Sometimes, you have to take your pets to the vet or other places. MagePlaza points out that pet carriers are a needed item for pet owners.

51. Novelty cat bed: Pet beds are popular to begin with, but novelty pet beds are really having a moment. They photograph well and make for funny Instagram pictures. After all, how cute is this dog sleeping in a shark, or this cat sleeping in a pizza, or this dog sleeping in a hot dog bun?

52. Smart trackers for pets: You might think that Fitbit-type technology is best used on humans, but many are using it on their cats and dogs. Many pet owners want to make sure, for example, that their pets are getting enough exercise!

53. Cat litter mat: Litter boxes are a gross necessity of having a cat. That’s why Oberlo correctly points out that cat litter mats have been growing in popularity because of their ability to keep messes from getting out of hand!

54. Cat massage comb: It’s not what it sounds like. Cat massage combs are plastic, spiky objects that can be mounted to walls. Cats enjoy rubbing themselves against the cat massage comb, which keeps them from shedding everywhere else!

Babies & Children

When you’re running a business, it’s hard to find a much better market than new parents. Even the most frugal ones genuinely need a wide variety of products to take care of their kids. Here are a few that we think really stand out. (Try not to think too much about the fact that we have more ideas for pets than kids!)

55. Mother and baby beanie hats: Nothing has the “aww” factor quite like a mother and her infant child having matching clothes. That’s why matching mother and baby beanie hats have become quite the popular item according to Oberlo.

56. Baby glove teether: Teething is a massive pain for both the kids and their parents. Kids have a tendency to chew on their hands when they’re teething, so many parents have taken to putting silicone gloves on their kids’ hands. That way, they can teethe on a soft surface without tearing up their little hands!

57. Baby moccasins: For whatever reason, Oberlo has identified baby moccasins as being a popular type of baby shoes for this year. Maybe it has something to do with its popularity in the Instagram influencer world right now!

58. Baby swings: According to Cloudways, “baby swings have become an incredibly popular choice for parents trying to keep their babies from crying. The small portable swing with adequate cushioning is a great product to keep babies calm and relaxed. There are plenty of different designs and models available in the market, so you have a lot of choice available when buying one.”

Baby swings

Car Products

There may be fewer cars on the road right now, but people still need to drive. A few car products really stand out this year.

59. Car cover: If you don’t have a garage but want to keep your car in good shape, a car cover is just what you need. They keep cars from getting messed up by sun, rain, snow, and dust.

60. Car LED light: According to MagePlaza, “the LED headlight bulbs entered the automotive market in 2007. This technology opened the door for revolutionary changes in car lighting. LED headlight bulbs are not as hot as regular bulbs. They are brighter and last longer than any monofilament.”

61. Car rear camera: Most recently manufactured cars come with built-in rear cameras for when you’re trying to back into a parking space. However, some older cars lack this functionality and it can be a real pain to go from a car that has it to a car that doesn’t. These aftermarket car rearview cameras have become quite popular as a result!

Rearview cameras

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