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15 Must-Have Features to Consider When Selecting a Fulfillment Company

Running an eCommerce store is difficult. Many store owners start out by shipping their own orders. As their business scales, this becomes overwhelming because of the demands on time. It’s simply too much work for a small business to do alone.

Many people outsource fulfillment to companies such as Fulfillrite. We ship orders for eCommerce and crowdfunding campaigns to make business owners’ lives easier.

But let’s be honest with one another. It’s hard to part with your hard-earned cash! You want to make sure that if you outsource to a fulfillment company, that it’s worth the time and effort. What’s more, the industry is so complicated, that it’s hard to know what to look for.

To help you get started, we wrote an article called “15 Must-Have Features to Consider When Selecting a Fulfillment Company.” You can view the whole post here on the 3dcart blog.

You’ve done everything by the book. Your Kickstarter campaign is almost ready to launch.

You made a great product. Built an audience. Set up a campaign page.

But how do you ship it?

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