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eCommerce Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day eCommerce

In retail, we’re always looking ahead to the next holiday promotion that we can share with our customers. Well, it’s February now and although YES, that means the Big Game is on the way, there’s something bigger for eCommerce – Valentine’s Day.

According to the National Retailers Association, spending for the Valentine’s Day 2016 season is expected to reach $18.9 billion in overall sales, up $1.6 billion – Cupid is not messing around! The categories run across the board; all sales will be going up in percentage, whether it be candy, flowers, jewelry, clothing, accessories…even gift cards.

How can your business leverage Valentine’s Day’s spirit of romantic giving into sales? Let’s break it down with a detailed infographic from The Shelf sharing the statistics and ideas, including:

  1. Target last-minute shoppers: Let’s face it – most of the time, gifts are a last-minute scramble. Amp up your promos the week leading into the holiday (but leave time for shipping!)
  2. Focus on men: Men spend nearly double than women on gifts, so gear your sales towards their buying habits.
  3. Pinterest gift collages: Gift guides are a great way to inspire and make suggestions, showcasing your products.
  4. Celebrate Valentine’s Day engagements: Valentine’s Day is huge for couples getting engaged; follow up the weeks after with engagement gift ideas.
  5. YouTube mentions: There are plenty of YouTubers out there looking for products to talk about in their gift guide clips. Connect!
  6. Targeting: Know your customers and figure out what they want.

For more Valentine’s Day eCommerce tips, check out the infographic:

Courtesy of: The Shelf As always, if you need any help, just ask!

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