How Does Kitting Work?

Option 1:
We are able to put several items into one order or shipment, without incurring kitting prices, provided each item is barcoded and has its own sku. We charge a per additional item fee which can be found in your quote, so if, for example, you are paying $2.85 per order, and $0.75 per additional item (just an example – not a quote!), and you have three items going to a particular backer, you would pay $4.35 for the total pick and pack fee (not including postage) – $2.85 for the first item, and 2 x $0.75 for the second and third items.

Option 2:
Kitting prices are assessed based on the man hours necessary. As soon as we know exactly what is involved, we can give an estimate of how long we think it will take, and then give a per piece rate. Once a kit is assembled, it gets its own sku and barcode label, and counts as a single item for picking. So in the example above, if we put together 5 cards, a book, and 2 patches into a single kit, there would be a cost for the kitting, but you would pay only $1.85 for the picking and packing.

Note: All kitting is done before the items are ready for orders. This means that we do not do kitting as an order-by-order project. Kitting is done as a standalone project, essentially creating a new product for you. For example, if you have three items you would like put together for shipping, we would create packages of the three items, relabel it with its own sku and barcode, and stock it on the shelves that way. When an order comes in for that new sku, we sould pick it as a single item. We do not assemble custom kits at the time an order comes in. For that, you would use Option 1 above.

We are available to discuss any custom or kitting project you have! Send us an email to or give us a call at 855-961-7766.

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