Creator Hangouts: Don Moyer and Lynnette Kelley of Calamityware

After running 10 successful Kickstarters, we think it’s pretty safe to say that Don Moyer of Calamityware is something of an expert in running a crowdfunding campaign or two. Don and his partner Lynette Kelley were recently featured on Kickstarter’s Google+ Creators Hangout and shared quite a bit of useful, real-life experiences they encountered on their crowdfunding travels.

Highlights include:

  • How did Don get involved in his first Kickstarter for the Calamity Plate 1?
  • Did you have a sense of where you wanted to take it, as big or small side project?
  • What was your experience with running 1st project. Expectations? Biggest challenge?
  • How success opened his eyes to the unexpected logistics and admin details.
  • How have you been able to grow the community from a few hundred to thousands?
  • What key factors kept you coming back to Kickstarter?
  • What would “Don now” tell “Don then” doing his first project that he’s learned and to watch out for?
  • What made Don and Lynette reach out to sign with a fulfillment company and how has it made so much more possible?
  • The importance of fulfillment to customer happiness and how the right partnerships matter.
  • What is the process you use to run campaigns?
  • How do you determine the funding level?
  • When will you do bowls to match plates?
  • What is your style of storytelling, what advice to give to others on how to tell that story?
  • Was there anything you’ve done which didn’t work? Most useful, most wasteful?
  • How did Calamityware transition into a business?
  • Once a plate sells out, will you reprint?
  • The importance of updating backers.
  • What can you share about your plans for he future?

You can check out Calamityware’s cool line of plates, bandanas and more at and follow them on twitter at @calamityware

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