7 Ways to Prevent Shipping Damage

7 Ways to Prevent Shipping Damage

Shipping damage is a big problem for eCommerce buyers and sellers alike. As many as 10% of eCommerce packages arrive damaged, so this is no small problem. Even if the seller didn’t cause the damage, they’ll probably wind up paying for it through returns and lost customers.

So what is an eCommerce store owner to do? How can you prevent shipping damage when so much of the process is out of your direct control?

In this guest post on the Freightos blog, we discuss seven specific ways you can prevent shipping damage.

You’ve done everything by the book. Your Kickstarter campaign is almost ready to launch.

You made a great product. Built an audience. Set up a campaign page.

But how do you ship it?

We put this checklist together to help you get started. It's free.