Team up with the most trusted name in board game order fulfillment

Stan Strickland, Outer Limit Games: We are an international board game publisher and were looking for a reputable fulfillment center in the US. Any time we had a question, Fulfillrite responded immediately with a clear and concise reply. We can not say enough about the professionalism and expertise associated with Fulfillrite. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional fulfillment center with very competitive pricing structure. You will be glad you did!

Evan Gibbs

Evan Gibbs, Evan’s Games: Fulfillrite was absolutely wonderful! They helped us fulfill our Kickstarter orders with absolute precision. Every package went out the day that the product arrived at their facility. I can’t speak more highly of the customer service. I would highly recommend them!

Safe and secure shipping to minimize damage

Board games are not just consumer products. You put a ton of energy and passion into designing them, play-testing them, and marketing them for Kickstarter backers. And that’s why it hurts so bad when board game boxes show up on your backers’ doorsteps with dinged corners.

We pack every single order with love and care, making sure that they arrive intact. In fact, one of our longest-running clients, Calamityware, specializes in shipping ornately, artistically decorated dishes, so we’re no strangers to shipping breakable goods!

Lightning-fast turnaround time

Your Kickstarter backers have already been waiting for months. Why make them wait longer than they have to for order fulfillment?

No matter how much inventory you ship in, rest assured that we will be shipping them out as fast as humanly possible. We’re able to ship out the vast majority of Kickstarter campaigns within a week. And even the very largest campaigns don’t take much longer than that.

Navigate international shipping with ease

Kickstarter campaigns are global, but shipping across the world like that can be tough! Whether you need help booking freight, shipping internationally, or pairing with other fulfillment centers, we’re able to help. That way, you can start designing your game’s expansion while we make sure the base game smoothly crosses the borders of the world.

We make onboarding easy. All gain, no pain.

  • Same day receiving and shipping
  • No long term contracts
  • 25+ seamless cart integrations for all major selling platforms
  • Real-time order and inventory tracking via online portal
  • Dedicated account manager always available
  • Volume discounts for all major carriers
  • 5-star rating on Google and Trustpilot

Alec Ledoux, Deadly Desserts: I reached out to Fulfillrite about fulfilling Kickstarter orders for a board game. Pricing was transparent. I had a peculiarly shaped product and Sol took the time to experiment with different boxes/packaging to find the lowest cost/safest shipping method. The platform is simple to use and Fulfillrite shipped almost all orders within 1-2 days of my creating them.

Lynnette Kelley, Calamityware: Fulfillrite makes crowdfunding so easy! We have used Fulfillrite to handle fulfillment for about 10 of our crowdfunding projects, most of which have well over 1000 backers.