Fulfillrite Ride for Regesh 2

Upcoming Charity Event: Ride 4 Regesh 2022

Ride4Regesh 2022

Coming up on Sunday, June 26 in our hometown of Lakewood, New Jersey, Ride 4 Regesh is going to be hosting a bikeathon. Boys from ages 8 to 13 will be joining the bike-a-thon to raise money for the Regesh Network.

The Regesh Network is a good cause, and one that Fulfillrite cares a lot about. Put simply, the Regesh Network is a crisis hotline for kids in danger. In the first 8 weeks of operation alone, the crisis line received over 700 calls.

Sometimes the kids need a trustworthy adult who will listen to them, and sometimes they need medical attention. The Regesh Network is also able to connect kids with first aid when they need it.

The bike-a-thon is a good way for the Regesh Network to get the publicity and public support it needs to thrive. It’s a lot of fun for the kids, too – just look all these awesome prizes they can win for raising funds for charity!

Fulfillrite will be sponsoring the bike-a-thon, as well as helping put together swag bags to hand out to the riders. It’s a modest responsibility, but one we’re happy to take on for charity!