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Unplug and Roll the Dice: Board Games and Crowdfunding

Board games. You may remember a few from your childhood, old standards like Monopoly, Candyland, Clue and Battleship. It may seem as if it’s been a long time since you’ve sat down with a game, but guess what? Board games are making a huge comeback. Maybe it’s the need to spend more time with family and friends, a way to reconnect with younger days or perhaps just to get away from the computer and unplug; make no mistake, board games are becoming so popular that designers have turned to crowdfunding to launch them. A search on Kickstarter yields over 1000 board game campaigns currently running – that’s a lot of ideas!

Let’s say you have had an idea kicking around in your head for a couple of years now – maybe crowdfunding is something to look into, but you’re asking yourself “What do I know about crowdfunding or designing a board game? Where would I even start?” That’s where our friends at 521 Promo “The Opoly People” come in.

Kellene of 521 Promo has shared her extensive knowledge with us on how you too can design and crowdfund your very own board game and join the growing masses who are unplugging, rolling some dice and enjoying each other’s company over a good game again.


Most people hesitate to follow through with a great idea because they think they would never have enough money to move forward, or minimum orders would be too high or even worse what if the product doesn’t sell. Thanks to websites like Kickstarter.com, Indigogo.com and several others your dreams of becoming the next big game inventor are possible; these crowd funding sites can help to enable you to acquire the funds necessary to have your game produced. This is a LARGE piece of the puzzle, but not the finishing touch. You still need to create/design and produce this amazing game that you are promising your backers or purchasers. 

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You’ve done everything by the book. Your Kickstarter campaign is almost ready to launch.

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