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Shopify and Facebook Introduce the Shop Section

Have an online store through Shopify? How about a Facebook Page for your business? Well then, it’s your lucky day as Shopify and Facebook have teamed up to announce another exciting development in e-commerce we feel our customers can benefit from: the Shop section.

The Facebook Shop section will enable business owners who have stores set up with Shopify to to sell products from directly within Facebook. Users will not have to click and navigate to another page, unless that is the option the retailer chooses. The Buy Button will be there too, for instant gratification.

Currently, there are Facebook Store apps, which add a tab to your Page. However, they don’t work on mobile, which is where the majority of Facebook traffic is coming from. With the new Shop integration, businesses will be able to showcase their products on mobile as a main page, front and center. Customers will also have the option to subscribe to updates when new products come in.

What about payments? All payments will be processed through Shopify. Customers will be given the option of having their information saved, which will make it even easier for them to buy down the road. Facebook isn’t taking a cut either; they’re doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. (Just kidding – if you don’t have to leave Facebook to buy something, you’re…not leaving Facebook. Right? Right.)

Right now, Shops are in a slow rollout but will become available to all Shopify merchants within the coming weeks. Keep an eye on your Shopify dashboard for the option; then all you have to do is add Facebook as a selling channel, choose which products to display and voila – you’re ready to go. Facebook will automatically pull in your prices, descriptions, photos, the works.

We hope that some of you decide to take advantage of this exciting new sales tool and wish you all success!

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