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How To Lower Your Shipping Costs And Improve Your Bottom Line

Pat Walls of and I got to talking after a forum post we had both contributed to. Pat created StarterStory to help entrepreneurs create successful ecommerce businesses through interviews with peers who went through the struggles of starting their own businesses and found success. One of the issues that seem to vex even the most thought-out entrepreneur seems to be order fulfillment. Pat asked me to address his audience and talk to that concern, and see how we can help with some guidelines to lowering shipping costs and improving the bottom line. My comments were geared toward helping a new business owner avoid some of the shipping and supply-chain related mistakes that we so often see here at Fulfillrite.

This article was the result of that effort.

It’s a good read, and it contains topics from packaging, to postal rates, to planning your inventory. Check it out here, and you can check out the rest of Pat’s excellent interviews as well.

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