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Fulfilling Board Game Orders Yourself vs. Hiring an Order Fulfillment Company

You’ve launched your board game on Kickstarter and it’s successfully funded. This is a tremendous accomplishment, and something to be very proud of!

The only trouble: you’re eventually going to have to fulfill your board game Kickstarter.

Kickstarter fulfillment is difficult, to the point where some creators are even scared of it. After all, in order to fulfill a Kickstarter, you have to find a game printer, book freight or find a freight broker, and then ship the games to backers.

That last part – order fulfillment – can be done one of two ways:

  1. Ship the games yourself from your home, perhaps with the help of some friends and family.
  2. Hire an order fulfillment company to do it for you.

Despite writing this post on behalf of an order fulfillment company, you might be surprised to see me say that you can fulfill orders on your own. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

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