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Coming Soon: Crowdfunding by BackerKit

As of today, our integration and business partner, BackerKit has announced its new crowdfunding platform: Crowdfunding by BackerKit.

It is currently in beta and will be featuring companies like Cephalofair, Keyboardio, Publishing Goblin, Restoration Games, and Jason Furie, among others.

BackerKit has been in the crowdfunding industry for a while, where it is a popular pledge management system for Kickstarter campaigns. With this announcement, BackerKit joins the ranks of Indiegogo and Gamefound in being a hybrid crowdfunding and pledge management system.

If you want to learn more, check out this post by BackerKit.

Fulfillrite is working closely with BackerKit. We’ve worked with a ton of crowdfunding creators who have used their platform, and many have glowing praise for it.

Should you choose to crowdfund through BackerKit, we want you to be able to use Fulfillrite to fulfill your campaign. More details to come!